Sep 6, 2010

Peter Kemp

Peter Kemp is a Dutch photographer who is living in Delf, Holland.
He's working as a project leader integrating disabled children into regular education, and next to that he works as a freelance photographer. He learned photography from a self-taught angle and thanks to some of his friends, being photographers themselves. His aim is "trying to create story telling pictures with a smile" but Peter Kemp used to draw black and white pictures, little comic figures playing a role into funny scenes. Digital photography got more tools to fit in all details into his photo stories, which are running through his head all day.
He has the will to create some mystery and glamour into his pics. Firstly by creating the old light, which is so well known of the Dutch Master painters like Johannes Vermeer. Then, he asks his model friends to join him into his photo projects. "They are the key factor", creating the right atmosphere to set up his story telling pics, and most of his models became his friends. "They are good looking people, but – more important – they are beautiful inside. All credits to them…"