Jul 17, 2011


Michael Cina
Edward Steichen
Nicolas Guerin     /      Unknown
Gottfried Helnwein
Herb Ritts
Hawaiian Dancers by Lumiphoto
Marthe Sobczak
Unknown     /     Marquise La Casati in Fountain Costume, designed by couturier Paul Poiret 1920
Lissy Elle
Marcus Larson, Shipwreck, 1853
Jesse Kanda
Unknown     /     Heinrich Kuhn
Gottfried Helnwein
Rob Macinnis
 Stephan Zirwes
Albin Brunovsky
Amédée Joyau
Christophe Schumacher
Edward Weston
Arno Fisher     /     Antonella photographed by Chadwick Tyler
Unknown     /     René Magritte, Le beau navire
Vilhelm Hammershøi, The Poetry of Silence, 2008
Jesse Kanda
The Seventh Seal, Directed by Ingmar Bergman      /      Nina Hagen and Ari Up
Jean-François Millet, The sheep pen moonlight, 1873
Jean Seberg by Bob Willoughby

Images from Street Angel, directed by Frank Borzage
Freddie Young
Unknown     /     Grant Willing
Edward Weston
Cosmic Wonder
Anthony S. Karen, Haitian Vodou     /      Korean boatman by Cornell University Library
Guy Calaf