Aug 14, 2011

Jonathan Wateridge. When Painting meets with Cinema.

Jonathan Wateridge is an english artist of 39 years old, born in Zambia. He paints hyper-realistic large-scale paintings ( 2 X 4 meters for his last serie ) in the tradition of the great classical masters such as Velazquez. To realize his paintings, Wateridge enters the skin of a movie director, sets scenes with models and actors of which he'll take more than two thousands photographs, this previous work preparation can last about a year or so. He then builds a story from these pictures, taking amongst them what he needs, as for a look, a gesture, a play of light, etc.
Apart from the classical painters, his main inspiration comes from the movie scene, and particularly from David Lynch's work of art. He now lives and works in London, and is represented by the Saatchi Gallery.
He is now exhibited in the Palazzo Grassi in Venice until December 2011, and in London at 2 Omega Place, within the exhibition All Visual Arts starting the 12th of October 2011.