Sep 14, 2011


Rabel Daniel

Jeffrey Michael Harp

Unknown     /     Jean Delville

Georges Le Brun

Alexander Litovechenko, Charon Carries Souls Across the River Styx

Thomas Cole

Nicolas Samori

Edward Poynter, An Evening at Home     /     Unknown

Joachim Patinir, Crossing the River Styx

Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez

Guy le Tattooer

Paulus Theodorus van Brussel     /     Ernst Haeckel

Sidney Sime

Hope Kroll, Beyond this place     /     Arnold Böcklin, Die Kapelle

Shelley Reed

Heinrich Kühn     /     Unknown

Gustave Doré, Paradise Lost Satan takes his throne in Hell

Atkinson Grimshaw, Roundhay Lake George

Shelley Reed

Shoda Koho, Moonlit Sea      /      Unknown

Unknown     /     John White, isabella and the pot of Basil

Chris Rainier